Wednesday, 20 October 2010

How Many Hours Will it Take to Pass My Driving Test?

The current figures released by the DSA state that the average 17-20yr old who has had no previous experience will need 45hrs of training and 22hrs of private practice to Pass the UK driving test
 note the word Pass.
From our experience it can be done with a total of 40-50hrs of on road experience minimum of  50% with a driving school and 50% of private practice assuming no previous driving experience, one of the main reasons the pass rates are so low is because people go to test to early and do not have enough on road experience to reach the current test standard.
The figures quoted here originate from the DSA the people who conduct the driving test and these are their findings from the people who did Pass their test it is total fiction to believe you can pass the current driving test with only 10hrs of on road experience the stats speak for themselves you can check these stats out at the following url

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