Sunday, 28 August 2011

Why the DrIving Test is a Lot Harder Now

Many Parents are way off the mark when understanding how much harder it is now to pass the UK driving test, they relate to when they passed their driving test. When they took their driving test it was 30 minutes long and they had to do 2 maneuvers which meant their drive time for the driving test was only 20 minutes, they had shorter test routes and only 5 or 6 test routes.
Now the test is 45 minutes long you only do 1 maneuver so the drive time is 40 minutes long and there are 22 different tests routes, which means the instructor can no longer keep driving round the test routes until the pupil knows them of by heart it would take 19hrs of drive time just to go round them once.
The number of faults the driver is allowed to make is still the same even though the test is twice as long so the test is at least twice as hard as it use to be, not even taking into account the independent drive aspect of the driving test so it will take a lot more hours to reach the test standard required the latest figures are 45-60hrs of on road experience the 10 hour myth is no longer relevant so do get real people it will take time and dedication to pass your driving test now.

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