Sunday, 10 January 2010

The 10 Hour Myth The 10 hour myth, the number of pupils that have said my dad only had 10hrs of driving lessons to pass his test, that was then this is now.
The driving test is far harder than when parents took their test, the introduction of the theory test including hazard perception, the practical test is harder because the test time is longer approx 40 minutes, greater number of test routes each test center has approx 22 test routes, examiners are also far more stringent and the  inclusion of show and tell.

No longer can Instructors just drive around the 5 tests routes with the pupil several times before their test, so they get no surprises on the day. You do have to be able to deal with any hazards and drive to a very high standard, using safe systems of driving, be aware of all of the rules and apply them to your driving at all times.
This takes time, the average learner aged 17-20yrs old will take at least 50hrs of on road experience to reach current test standards that,s fact not fiction.

This is based on a complete novice with no previous driving experience, the more previous experience the less hours you will need, but I would have at least 50% of your training with a fully qualified Instructor, but you must apply all you have been taught in your private practice, you must be consistent, that takes time.

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