Saturday, 30 January 2010

Will longer Driving Lessons Improve my Chances of Passing the Driving Test

Do longer driving lessons improve your chances of passing 1st time, yes they do around 25%
of people who fail their test fail in the last 10 minutes of the test, the main reason for this is lack of concentration. As most driving schools offer 1hr or 2hr lessons and most pupils will do 1hr lesson rather than a 2hr lesson, mainly because of cost, this means they never actually drive to test standard for the length of time the practical test takes, which is approx 40 minutes long.

With a 1hr lesson once you have done all of the maneuvers including the emergency stop your drive time
will be 30 minutes or less which means you never have to concentrate for longer than this period of time.
We have found the best length lesson to be 1.5hrs, a 1hr lesson is to short a 2hr lesson can be to long
for many people, with a 1.5hr lesson  this does mean  pupils will drive for periods of 45 minutes plus, so they do learn to concentrate for longer periods of time, which does increase their chances of passing 1st time.

This is one of the reasons our 1st Time pass rate is so high, the national average is only 33% but we consistently achieve a 1st Time pass rate of 50-60%, we do also suggest to pupils if they are doing private practice to drive for longer than 1hr session this does help as well.

The aim is to get pupils to drive to test standard for longer periods of time and to consistently follow the safe systems of driving they have been taught, if they can achieve this then this will greatly improve their chances of passing 1st Time.

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