Saturday, 16 January 2010

How to Prepare for Learning to Drive

The first thing you will need is a Provisional  Driving License without this you will not be insured to drive a car,
you will need to be 17yrs old, but you can apply prior to your 17th birthday, but do allow 2-3 weeks for the application to be processed.

You can get your application form from your local post office, you will need several passport sized photos for your ID card, then send the completed form, photos and driving license fee to the DVLA, the address to send it to will be on the form also the the fee for your Provisional License.

Next thing to do is to sort out a good driving school and start studying for your theory test, you can be studying at the same time as you are taking driving lessons, you can either get books on the theory test
questions and the hazard perception test or cd's for your PC what ever you find the easiest.

You must have passed your theory test before you can book a practical test, once you have passed the
theory test you will get a pass certificate number, which you must quote when booking your driving

Both the theory test and practical test can be booked online on the DSA website this is the website address

Please be aware of scam websites they are around they charge you a fee for booking the tests for you,
they all look very official, so make sure you do go to the official site, currently the theory test fee is approx
£30 and the practical £60.

I have had pupils charged £48 for the theory and £75 for the practical, they did book on a scam website
the additional cost was their booking fee, you have been warned.

You will need to budget for this training it will not be cheap,  for a complete novice with no previous experience aged between 17yrs-20yrs you  will need 40hrs of training plus 20hrs of private practice,
these are the figures currently quoted by the DSA, which you can verify on their website.

We have found that people with around 50hrs of on road experience can and do pass 1st time,you
could split this between driving lessons and private practice equal split 50-50 is best, this will save you
money and is the cheapest option so would cost around £400-£500 but if you do not get private
practice the cost will be £800-£1,000.

These figures are based upon a complete novice with no previous experience.

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