Saturday, 23 January 2010

All Approved Driving Instructors are Not Equal

All driving Instructors who take payment for driving lessons must legally be registered with the DSA, they have to pay a license fee to be registered.

A fully qualified Instructor normally referred to as an ADI is issued with a green badge, this means they are fully qualified and have completed and passed all of their training, a trainee Instructor is issued with a pink badge
normally referred to as a PDI, this means they are training to become a driving Instructor but are not yet

The current pass rate for trainee Instructors is only 25%- 30%  so most of these trainees will fail, the trainee
license is normally only issued for 6 months while they are training, both badge types must be displayed in the
training car when teaching pupils, this is a legal requirement.

Both types of badges are shown below, a Green Badge means the Instructor is fully qualified the Pink Badge means they are trainees and are not yet qualified.



Be aware many driving schools use trainee Instructors, they are legally allowed to do so, just as long as they are licensed by the DSA, the driving school is not obliged to tell you this and may still charge you the same price for your driving lessons, in fact only one of the National driving schools only use fully qualified Instructors. They do promote this on their website and in their advertising many people over look this,

Do not just ask price, ask if you will be getting a fully qualified Instructor you can verify this when the Instructor arrives for your lesson, ask to see their badge it should be on display. You normally do not get a discount on the driving lesson price if you are being trained by a trainee, so why pay the full amount for a trainee Instructor who more likely or not will fail their training.

If a driving school advertises for driving Instructor training they will more than likely use trainees, two of the major players do, in fact one of them does advertise extensively on the TV for driving Instructor training,
they do use trainees and are linked with driver training colleges, Think before you book.

You have Been Warned, don't just ask price ensure you get a fully qualified Instructor unless you can get a reduced rate.

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