Sunday, 10 January 2010

How To Keep The Costs Down when Learning to Drive
To keep your costs to a minimum, I would split your training between private practice and driving
lessons, half with a driving school and half private practice.
A complete novice aged between 17-20yrs old with no previous experience, will need 40hrs of training plus 20hrs of private practice to reach current test standards, these are the latest figures published by the DSA.

 Check out this link to verify this  /DG_4022483.

We have found that you can get away with around 50hrs of on road experience, split equally between driving lessons and private practice with our Instructors, so it would cost you £500 with the rates we charge which is £20/hr to get to test standard. We do achieve a very high 1st time pass rate using this technique,
this is based on the fact that the pupil is having a minimum lesson time of 1.5hrs, this does increase your chances of passing 1st time, pupils taking 1hr lessons  are a lot less likely to achieve this.
So if you budget for 1.5hr lesson a week the cost would be £30/week, if you do 1.5hrs a week private practice it will take just over 4 months to get to test standard the over all cost would be £500.

If you don,t have access to a car then if you target 50hrs of training, with a minimum of 1.5hr driving lessons
the cost will be £1,000 to reach test standard and take just over 8 months, so if you can do private practice you can halve the the cost and halve the amount of time taken to get to test standard.

You can reduce the time taking dramatically by increasing the number of lessons you have each week and
increasing your private practice, with just 2 lessons a week and 2 private practice sessions a week at 1.5hr durations you could reach test standard in just 9 weeks.This will of course increase your spend to £60/week
but halve the timescale  taken to reach test standard, but will still only cost £500.

If you go to test with less hours than this you will more than likely fail, this is one of the reasons why the pass rate is so low, so target 50hrs minimum of on road experience and do 1.5hr training sessions duration and this will increase your chances of passing 1st time dramatically, we achieve 50% plus 1st time pass rate using this technique and a 70% overall pass rate. The national average pass rate is 43% and the 1st time pass rate is
33% so if you do not want to keep going back to the test center for retests please take this on board.
Around 90% of our pupils pass 1st or 2nd time around 10% can take more, but it is nerves or lack of concentration that causes these pupils to fail not their ability to drive.
So If you don,t want to achieve double figures before passing your test and quite a lot do, then follow this plan who ever you learn to drive with.

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