Friday, 8 January 2010

The Top 10 Reasons for People Failing Their Driving Test The top 10 reasons that people fail their driving test are

1. Acting Improperly at Road Junctions:- approach speed to fast, not stopping behind the give way
                    line, lack of observations at a junction.

                2. Left Reverse Around  a Corner:- hitting the curb, reversing wide, lack of observations.

                3. Incorrect Steering:- crossing hands, driving with only one hand on the wheel, letting steering 
                    wheel spin back after turning a corner.

                4. Reverse Park:-hitting the curb, to far from the curb, lack of observations.

                5. Improper Use of Gears:- incorrect gear for the speed you are traveling at.

                6. Effective Use of Mirrors:- not checking before change of speed, not checking before a change
                    direction, and frequently.

                7. Driving to Slowly:- not making progress, drive to the speed limit if it is safe to do so.

                8. Right Turns:- cutting the corner, observations.

                9. Undue Hesitation:- stopping at junctions when not necessary,waiting to long at junctions before

                10. Moving Off Incorrectly:- not checking your mirrors, not checking your blind spot.

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